The EnviroRental Story

On a mission to signpost the vacation rental sector towards a sustainable future.

Who are we?

We are a group of industry professionals who have worked relentlessly to incorporate and implement sustainability into our vacation rental businesses.

Recognising the many challenges along our green path, we founded EnviroRental with the generous and enthusiastic support of our partners and sponsors. This means that you can take a short cut to the benefits of sustainability for your business, your guests and the planet.

Why we launched EnviroRental

Founder Bob Garner has been operating sustainable holiday apartments in Italy for 17 years. His passion for the environment and the vacation rental industry led him to try to raise awareness, encouraging others to also take action in the face of the climate emergency. He knew that sustainability was good for business, guests and the planet.

But in talking to hosts and property managers he realised that most were confused about the subject, what to do and where to start.

And so EnviroRental was born.

Our Philosophy – The Three Pillars


Ensure that short-term rental professionals have the relevant information and resources about environmental sustainability.


Trigger and orientate stakeholders to take the appropriate sustainable actions for their business and the planet.


Move individual businesses AND the short-term rental sector to a sustainable environmental footprint.

EnviroRental Signposting Sustainability for Vacation Rentals

EnviroRental is a single one-stop-shop with all the free resources that you will need to go from zero to hero on your green journey.




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